The Story of Tigger and Plato


Tigger arrived at la Couscouillette when I went to the nursery looking for vegetables. The  nursery guy told me they were out of cauliflowers.....and cabbages.....but they did have kittens. "Did I want a cat? Did I want several cats? Could I please, please take a kitten?" So we went to look at the kittens. Ahhhh, said Allan knowledgeably, that is obviously a female (pointing to Tigger). How do you know? I said. Well, you can tell from the expression on the face, he said seriously. No doubt about it, that is a female kitten..!

So we got Tigger. Tigger is absolutely doubt about it. According to himself and the vet he is a male. Well, of course he has a a small snip here or there, but that makes him no less of a guy.... (uhum, cat...)..


He gets on fabulously with Plato our other cat. Plato is his half brother, he came from the same nursery. They think his father was a Persian cat who lived across the road. The two cats live and play all over la Couscouillette, in the Languedoc happy cat land.....

In both photos you see them as kittens, but now they are grown up and pretty huge...... Plato certainly doesn't fit into the bread basket any more! He's a big cat now!